32nd Summer Conference on Topology and its Applications
Čvn 27 – Čvn 30 celý den

6th European Set Theory Conference
Čvc 3 – Čvc 7 celý den

10th Young Set Theory Workshop
Čvc 10 – Čvc 14 celý den

The 15th Asian Logic Conference 2017
Čvc 10 – Čvc 14 celý den

Set Theory conference
Čvc 29 – Srp 4 celý den

NLS Summer School in Logic 2017
Srp 7 – Srp 11 celý den

Logic Colloquium 2017
Srp 14 – Srp 20 celý den

Frontiers of Selection Principles
Srp 21 – Zář 1 celý den

We are glad to invite you to the conference Frontiers of Selection Principles, celebrating the 60th birthday of Marion Scheepers. This festive conference will take place at the Dewajtis Campus, Bielanski forest, Warsaw, 21.8-1.9, 2017: 21.8-25.8 tutorial, 26.8 excursion, 27.8-1.9 conference. (This is immediately after the Logic Colloquium and immediately before the Bedlewo meeting on set theoretic topology and analysis.)

Selection principles connect topology, set theory, and functional analysis and make it possible to transport and apply methods from each of these fields to the other ones. It is now one of the most active streams of research within set theory and general topology. This conference will be fully dedicated to selection principles and their applications. It will begin with a one week tutorial, aimed mainly at students and researchers with no prior knowledge of selection principles. This tutorial will provide an overview of the filed, and a detailed introduction to its main methods. Participants with no prior knowledge attending the tutorial will thus fully benefit from the lectures of the second week, and will be able to consider possible directions for research in the field.

The second conference week will consist of invited lectures, by leading experts, on results in the frontiers of selection principles. We recommend that students and participants with expertise in other disciplines attend both weeks of the conference.

Initial details follow.
(Important: This is the only message distributed widely. Please email Piotr Szewczak ( to be included in the mailing list for details and updates.)

The expected accommodation cost is approximately 20EUR per night (full board: 30EUR).
Registration fee: Early registration: 50EUR. Normal registration: 80EUR. Registration fees will help reducing the costs for some students or early career researchers that would otherwise not be able to attend this meeting. Discount possibilities will be provided in future emails.

Tentative list of conference speakers:
Leandro Aurichi Liljana Babinkostova Taras Banakh
Angello Bella* Daniel Bernal Santos Maddalena Bonanzinga*
Lev Bukovsky Steven Clontz* Samuel Da-Silva*
Rodrigo Dias Rafał Filipow David Gauld
Ondrej Kalenda Ljubiša Kočinac* Adam Krawczyk
Adam Kwela Andrzej Nowik Selma Özçağ*
Yinhe Peng Szymon Plewik Robert Rałowski
Masami Sakai Marion Scheepers Paul Szeptycki*
Piotr Szewczak Franklin Tall Seçil Tokgöz
Boaz Tsaban Tomasz Weiss Lyubomyr Zdomskyy
Shuguo Zhnag Ondrej Zindulka Szymon Żeberski
(* to be confirmed)

Subject to time constraints, students and other participants may have an opportunity to contribute a short lecture on a topic of selection principles.
Special request: Since a part of this workshop is especially accessible to students, we would appreciate your forwarding this message to your students and to other students who may be interested in attending this conference.

The conference is organized by Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in Warsaw.

On behalf of the organizing committee,
Piotr Szewczak (Cardinal Stefan Wyszynski University and Bar-Ilan University)
Boaz Tsaban (Bar-Ilan University)
Lyubomyr Zdomskyy (Kurt Gödel Research Center)

Set Theoretic Methods in Topology and Analysis
Zář 3 – Zář 9 celý den

International Conference in Functional Analysis dedicated to the 125th anniversary of Stefan Banach
Zář 18 – Zář 23 celý den

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