Research seminar December 5

Research seminar continues on Monday December 5, 16:40, by a talk by Adam Prenosil (Institute of Comp. Science), „Stone and Priestley dualities in universal algebra“. Seminar takes place in room C116, Department of Logic, Celetna 20. (Note there is no seminar on Monday November 28.)

Abstract:The categorical duality between Boolean algebras and Stone spaces due to Marshall Stone (1936) and the duality between distributive lattices and Priestley spaces due to Hilary Priestley (1970) are among the basic tools that perhaps every algebraic logician has at least passing familiarity with. Less well known is the fact that they have universal algebraic generalizations. In this talk we explain why dualities for distributive lattices, MV-algebras etc. look the way they do, reviewing some classical results from the 1970’s and showcasing some new ones.

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