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The traditional festive meeting of the department & friends of logic will take place...

11. prosinec 2017

jsou z důvodu dovolené sekretariát a knihovna uzavřeny

11. prosinec 2017

V současné době přecházíme na nové stránky, které jsou primárně v...

29. listopad 2017

16. 2., ve 14 hod., budou v zasedací místnosti Filosofického ústavu (Jilská 1, 1. p.)  přednášet Hans Rott a Georg Brun:

Georg Brun, University of Berne: "Operationalizing Reflective Equilibrium: A Formal Model Based on the Theory of Dialectical Structures"

Reflective equilibrium (RE) is often taken to be a powerful method in ethics, logic, theories of rationality, or philosophy in general. But so far, RE has never been characterized in a rigorous way. This talk presents a formal model of the RE. I focus on the key idea of RE, i.e. the elaboration of an agent's commitments under the pressure from systematic theories. This idea is spelled out in the formal framework of the Theory of Dialectical Structures (Betz, 2010, 2012). Commitments and theories are represented using dialectical structures; desiderata on sets of commitments and theories are introduced; a state of RE is defined, and rules for adjusting commitments and theories are specied. This model then is tested in applications to simple examples, which lend intuitive support to our model. I conclude by discussing the assumptions underlying our model as well as its limitations.

Hans Rott, University of Regensburg: "Unstable knowledge, unstable belief"

An idea going back to Plato’s Meno is that knowledge is stable. Recently, a seemingly stronger and more exciting thesis has been advanced, namely that rational belief is stable. I sketch two stability theories of knowledge and rational belief, and present an example intended to show that knowledge need not be stable and rational belief need not be stable either. The second claim does not follow from the first, even if we take knowledge to be a special kind of rational belief. ‘Stability’ is an ambiguous term that has an internally conditional structure.

Datum platnosti: 
19. únor 2017