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15. říjen 2017

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06. říjen 2017

začínají až ve Čt 12.10. (učebna 137, 15:00).
04. říjen 2017

NadpisDoes branching explain flow of time or the other way around?
Publication TypeConference Paper
AuthorsŠvarný, P.
Conference NameProceedings of the First International Conference on Logic and Relativity 2012
This paper explores the semantical issues and possibilities of two temporal branching structures, Branching Space-time (BST) and Branching Continuations (BCont). These structures present a possible way how to treat quantum and relativistic phenomena at the same time. They might also help to formalize and understand what it means that there is a flow of time. The paper focuses on the introduction of notions derived from the idea of a generalized flow of time into the branching structures. The main idea is to use world lines as a tool for the ordering of events and that allows us to construct a valuation for the given branching structures. Thereafter the paper explores how this enrichment influences branching models and how they present a possibility to capture some essential ideas connected to the flow of time, for example the question of becoming vs. indexicals.