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By graduating in the Master program, the student obtains an academic degree of Master (MA, Mgr) in Logic at Charles University, Faculty of Arts. The student must already have the Bachelor degree (Bc) to be admitted to the Master program. The program is composed of advanced courses in mathematical logic (classical and non-classical), set theory, and analytic philosophy, and lasts for two years.

The program is free of charge in its Czech version. The administration affairs in the Czech version are in the Czech language, but the courses are taught in English (communication with teachers is also in English). Experience shows that a committed foreign student can study in the Czech version of the program. For more info for international students see this web page. The admission process for the year 2017-2018 has the following basic steps:

  • Applications are still possible,  the deadline is August 28th, 2017. See this web page (in Czech) with a link to the electronical application.
  • In September 18th, 2017, there are entrance exams which have the form of an oral discussion. The topics include Mathematical Logic, Set Theory, and Analytic Philosophy approximately in the extent of a Bachelor degree for a mathematically oriented program at a university.
  • The program starts on October 1, 2017.

If you are interested, contact Marta Bilkova (marta.bilkova at who will provide more information.


Recommended literature and requirements for entrance exams


Properties of axiomatic theories: consistency, completeness, decidability. \aleph_0-categoricity and Vaught's test. The method of quantifier elimination. The compactness theorem and axiomatizable (i.e. elementary) classes. Incompleteness theorems and aspects of their proofs: self-reference, recursively enumerable sets and Post's theorem, Löb's derivability conditions. Calculi and Kripke semantics for intuitionistic propositional logic.

  • P. Hájek and P. Pudlák. Metamathematics of First Order Arithmetic. Springer, 1993.
  • M. O. Rabin. Decidable Theories. Chapter C.3 in J. Barwise, editor, Handbook of Mathematical Logic, North-Holland, 1973.
  • G. S. Boolos, J. P. Burgess, and R. C. Jeffrey. Computability and Logic. Cambridge University Press, 2007.

Set Theory

Topics covered by the following sections of the relevant books:

  • Kunen, Keneth. Set theory: An introduction to independence proofs. Elsevier 2004. Chapters I to IV.
  • Jech, Thomas. Set theory. Springer 2003. Part I: Sections 1 to 7.